The Website: HumaneReflections.com 

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Humane Reflections is a blog for those who are curious about human rights and social justice.  In addition to providing an understanding of human rights theory, it also explores through investigative journalism, social issues such as gender, employment, poverty, discrimination, and freedom of expression.


The author: Eliana Vaz Martins 


Eliana Vaz Martins is a young professional specialising in gender and social justice  and author of the website www.HumaneReflections.com

Eliana Vaz Martins is an experienced gender equality and social justice consultant. Her work has focused on developing and implementing programs that empower marginalized communities, promote human rights, and advocate for social justice. Furthermore, she has experience in gender mainstreaming across projects and organizations.  She has worked with the United Nations and other international organizations, providing her with a global perspective on issues related to gender equality, freedom from discrimination and development.

Her affinity for corporate social responsibility is evident in her work, including her master’s thesis “Human rights-based business: redefining the role of enterprises on the business and human rights debate.” She has also authored various commissioned articles and video scripts on these topics for non-profit organization clients.

Twitter: @ElianaVMartins

Email: humanereflections@gmail.com